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The centre of the Farmer Cluster is roughly Peasmarsh (NGR: 588822 122782)

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Attached is the Farmer Cluster map to be included on the project page as a download
Further information:
-Facilitator: Megan Angus
-Area of the group: membership under development


Kent Wildlife Trust has secured funding to facilitate the Cluster from Defra as part of Tests and Trials for the implementation of the new Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS). Farmer Clusters are proven to provide great benefits for soil, water and wildlife at a landscape scale by helping farmers and land managers to work together to deliver more for wildlife and the environment than one individual could achieve alone.

At this crucial time for agriculture in the UK, the Farmer Cluster will provide a forum for farmer-led discussion; this is a unique opportunity for Cluster members to share their expertise, contributing to the evolution of the new ELMS system. Likewise, it will give Cluster members an advantageous head start in understanding the implementation of the new ELMS system over the coming years.

The Farmer Cluster will bring together farmers and land owners with the aim of creating more profitable farming and to deliver public goods at a landscape scale.

The Farmer Cluster will:

  • Agree upon local priorities
  • Facilitate the sharing of resources, knowledge and experience between farmers
  • Discuss the options and practicalities surrounding the implementation of the new ELMS system.

Upcoming Events:

A programme of farmer cluster meetings, training/knowledge sharing events and farm visits will be scheduled throughout 2020.

To find out more, please contact Megan Angus

Mobile: 07923 253736  l  Email: