Ref: CSFF020008

Lead: Paul Arkle,

Group members: 10

Length of agreement: 3

Area of group (hectares): 2180

This group is focusing on Natural Flood Management and how this might reduce the amount and rate of surface water run-off in the Glenderamackin catchment upstream of Keswick and reduce soil erosion.

Following the December 2015 flooding by Storm Desmond, a strategic review of the Derwent catchments was undertaken by the Cumbria Floods Partnership which included examining options for slowing key rivers to reduce the intensity of water flows at peak times. The Glenderamackin catchment and catchments upstream of Keswick have been identified by the Derwent catchment management group as one of the highest priority areas for Natural Flood Management in Cumbria.

The group will look at the potential to pilot some of these options where appropriate and the knowledge transfer events will also help further the understanding of other farmers in the area about the hydrology of the catchment, the different techniques of NFM and how they might help with flood and water management in their area.

In addressing these issues we will look at how the group might utilise mid and higher tier options and capital works that could also provide other
environmental benefits for water quality, biodiversity, woodland and landscape where these are relevant to NFM techniques.