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    Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust – About us

    We aim for a thriving countryside rich in game and other wildlife

    What do we do?

    • We use science to promote game and wildlife management as an essential part of nature conservation.
    • We develop scientifically researched game and wildlife management techniques.
    • We promote our work to conservationists, including farmers and landowners and offer an on-site advisory service on all aspects of game and wildlife management, so that Britain’s countryside and its wildlife are enhanced for the public benefit.
    • We influence government policy with sound science that creates progressive and effective policies.
    • We support best practice for field sports that contribute to improving the biodiversity of the countryside.

    What do we believe?

    • Scientific research should underpin sustainable conservation practice.
    • Game and wildlife management is the foundation of good conservation.
    • Field sports (in particular shooting and fishing) can contribute substantially to the conservation of landscape, habitat and wildlife.
    • Humane and targeted predator control is an essential part of effective game and wildlife conservation.
    • We utterly oppose those who engage in wildlife crime.
    • Good conservation goes hand-in-hand with economic land use.

    Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust – Contact us

    Megan Lock is the main contact for Farmer Cluster enquiries at the GWCT. Her email address is

    Please note, technical enquiries about the Countryside Stewardship Facilitation Fund should be directed to Natural England.