Farmer Cluster Conference 2018Presentations from the 2018 Farmer Cluster Conference, held on 1 November 2018 at the Birmingham & Midland Institute.

Nature recovery and the 25-year environment plan »
(Mark Stevenson, Defra)

Monitoring wildlife on a farmer cluster »
(Jessica Brooks, GWCT)

Monitoring butterflies on farms »
(Martin Wain, Butterfly Conservation)

Big Farmland Bird Count»
(Pete Thompson, GWCT)

Recording data with Living Record »
(Adrian Bicker, Living Record)

Farming and wild pollinators »
(Dr Cathy Horsley, Bumblebee Conservation Trust)

Conserving grasslands together: Profiting from native pasture »
(Rob Havard, Natural England)

Working together at a landscape scale »
(Dr Jemma Batten, Black Sheep Countryside Management)

What we are doing to better understand why farmers manage for wildlife and the opportunities and challenges involved »
(Dr Beth Brockett and Dr Rose O’Neill, Natural England)