Grow together with EnTrade

EnTrade works with farmers to create new sources of income for sustainable agriculture, without the red tape. Together, we can shape and grow the future of environmental land management.

Farmers, bring your environment to market

Somebody wants to pay you for the environmental services that your land can provide. That’s because they need to store carbon, reduce pollution and support nature – for reputation with their customers, legal compliance or supply chain resilience – and you can make the improvements for a lower cost than they can. Ideal conditions for a profitable exchange.

These services can be provided from the same fields as provide food, they can be rotated just like crops, or even grown alongside crops (see photo) so they fit into farm business plans without taking land out of production.

Markets for environmental goods are new, but EnTrade is making them a reality, giving farmers a new source of income.

Fair, transparent, commercial deals

EnTrade runs online markets to help buyers and sellers (farmers) find the best value deals for environmental improvement. Farmers make bids by drawing shapes on a simple on-line map and proposing the price they want for the land management requested. EnTrade works out all the environmental complexities to prepare a simple, trusted summary of the environmental credits on offer, and presents simple business choices to farmers and buyers.

Sometimes markets are for grant applications, sometimes they are run as auctions. Winning bids determined by the best price per unit of environmental service.  EnTrade uses the latest science to link measures and locations to create trusted credits.

Farmers make it happen, Entrade makes it simple

EnTrade has designed its markets to work for buyers and farmers, but farmers have shaped the platform. Buyers set budgets and targets for buying services. Farmers make bids at prices that work for them. EnTrade does the heavy lifting to find the best deals and use the data from successful bids to let buyers offer contracts for services with farmers. EnTrade has a mobile phone app to make the verification process easy which links to a finance module that will ensure payments are made within days of contract delivery.

£500m of private sector environmental contracts by 2030

There is massive potential for environmental service payments to complement public funding for public goods. EnTrade estimates that payments of over £500m could be made to farmers in the UK by 2030. So far, we have seen deals varying from £3,000 per-pond for newt ponds in Cheshire, £100 per hectare for cover crops in Hertfordshire, Dorset and Cheshire, and several thousands of pounds for investments in woodland and no -till systems that reduce nutrient releases and store carbon.

Farmers can make the market grow

Since 2016, EnTrade has run over 29 trades across the UK with over 500 farmers engaged in deals that pay over £1.2 million by March 2021.

To make these markets grow faster, farmers can register interest with EnTrade to show that they are ready for action. The more that EnTrade can show that there is appetite from famers to supply environmental services from land, the greater the number of buyers we can bring to the market.