Farm footpath posters

The idea for this poster came from David & Son, family members in the Martin Down Farmer Cluster who have a long farming history in their parish. They look after 320ha of mixed farmland on the edge of a village, which includes a beef herd and chalk grassland SSSI. In 2017, they became concerned that the local villagers and walkers did not understand their relationship with the land, and often received an impression from these residents that their farming was damaging the environment. After the cluster project kicked off earlier that year, they were really encouraged by the wealth of biodiversity information about the farm, and knew that it was not quite the barren landscape that it was perceived to be. So they asked the facilitator of the cluster to produce a poster to highlight some of the species and habitats that they were supporting, aiming to display them on footpath stiles and gates across their farm, and on the parish noticeboard. Since this has been done, naysaying has been largely replaced by positive interest! Jess is now going to offer this poster idea to other farmers in the cluster who have public access, in order to improve relations and education.


A farmer in the Martin Down Farmer Cluster thought it would be a great idea to use some of the photos they have been taking of wildlife during surveys, farm walks and conservation activities.  So he suggested putting together a saleable calendar for local residents and visitors. The other members of the cluster loved the idea and made enquiries with three village shops, a garden centre and bookshop which were happy to stock them. The facilitator Jess put together a design, with a message from lead farmer Tim Palmer on the cover, and photos from various cluster members inside. They also inserted an information leaflet about the cluster project so that any interested residents could get in touch to find out more, and perhaps get involved with events or volunteering. The farmers decided that the proceeds of the calendar should benefit the community, so money will be donated to the Martin Down National Nature Reserve for a pond restoration which will help the parish’s much-loved turtle doves.