Ref: CSFF050008

Lead: Ruth Craig,

Group members: 7

Length of agreement: 3

Area of group (Hectares): 2262

This Facilitation group will provide more benefits to the Great Eau catchment than working individually by learning cooperatively and the sharing of knowledge to improve land management practices jointly across the landscape, delivering enhancements to the chalk stream in a more holistic way. This partnership of landowners and farmers will provide a network approach to disseminating information to achieve better for the river and will provide a forum for discussion of the issues and how best to deliver the Countryside Stewardship priorities.

These benefits will be provided by coming together at meetings to decide what knowledge sharing events/workshops/training would support them in working to deliver their chosen priorities. These events will be organised by the facilitator & their staff, buying in expertise where needed. The members have requested more knowledge on:

– Countryside Stewardship
– Soil management practices – electrical conductivity
– Edge of field measures to reduce run-off
– Natural flood risk management

The longer term aspirations for the group is to bring more members to this partnership along with other river users and businesses that use and impact on the Great Eau catchment.

The group would like, in particular, to find resolutions to common problems they all experience along the Great Eau which in turn will help to restore the chalk stream habitat across both the Lincolnshire Wolds and Coastal Grazing Marsh landscape. If working cooperatively is successful the LCSP will seek to copy this model across other chalk streams in Lincolnshire.