Ref: CSFF090002

Lead: Eliza Emmett,

Group members: 27

Length of agreement: 5

Area of group (Hectares): 10,000


The overarching priorities for the Upper Wensum Cluster Farm Group (UWCFG) will be Biodiversity and Water.

Priority habitats to be maintained from the Countryside Stewardship (CS) statement of priorities for mid Norfolk include: Coastal and floodplain grazing marsh, Riparian habitats associated with priority rivers and lakes, Lowland meadows, arable field margins

Priority habitats to be restored and joined up in habitat networks across the cluster include: Ancient and native woodland.

Soil and Water

The landowners are working towards reducing diffuse water pollution, increase organic matter levels and the health of soils and improve the efficacy of input application. As part of this process landowners are using Nutrient Budgeting software to calculate leaching losses and nutrient discrepancies.

Water Priorities

The scheme will deliver priority habitat creation to extend or link priority habitats to increase connectivity and reduce fragmentation. This priority habitat creation will contribute significantly to improvements in: Water quality, Flood and coastal risk management

Biodiversity Priorities

The cluster farm will deliver benefits for the following biodiversity priorities: with turtle Dove as the flagship species, Woodland bird assemblages, Arable plants

Managing priority habitats will create the habitat needs of many of the priority species associated with this area.

The following CS priority species will also receive tailored management and attention, with action coordinated at a landscape scale through individual agri-environment schemes across the cluster farm area: Lapwing, Turtle dove, Turtle Dove is the flagship species for this project.

We will work closely with Operation Turtle Dove on this species and will coordinate action for the following priority woodland species where they occur:

Lesser spotted woodpecker, tree pipit, redstart, pied flycatcher, wood warbler, marsh tit, lesser redpoll, hawfinch.