Ref: CSFF090005


Group members: 9

Length of agreement: 5

Area of group (Hectares): 3375

Priority habitats to be maintained, restored and joined together with their associated species include:

  • coastal and floodplain grazing marsh (black tailed godwit, lapwing)
  • lowland calcareous grassland – the raised banks of the high-level carrier drainage channels are made of chalk and contain some excellent areas of chalk grassland, (perennial knawel)
  • lowland fens (fen wood rush, fen violet, willow tit)
  • lowland meadows
  • Reedbeds
  • Riparian habitats associated with priority rivers and lakes (greater water parsnip, ribbon leaved water plantain)
  • arable field margins (deptford pink, red tipped cudweed, Spanish catchfly, small flowered catchfly, spreading hedge parsley, grey carpet, tansy beetle, eyed longhorn beetle, corn bunting, turtle dove, stone curlew)

The water priorities are as follows:

  • Water quality (the area lies above an extensive chalk aquifer, and reducing nitrates, phosphates and methaldehyde input into this drinking water source is a priority for Anglian Water).

Flood and coastal risk management (the upper river is undergoing some restoration work, but is still too flashy and delivers water to the downstream section very rapidly.

The wetland creation which will take place as part of this facilitation fund will help provide storage areas and slow the flow of the water to the pumps).