Ref: CSFF090009


Group members: 14

Length of agreement: 5

Area of group (Hectares): 8580

The overarching priorities for the Glaven Facilitation Fund Group will be biodiversity (heathland restoration and woodland management and creation) and water quality (sediment and nitrate reduction).

Priority habitats to be maintained, restored and joined together with their associated priority species include:

  • Coastal and flood plain grazing marsh (lapwing)
  • Lowland dry acid grassland (turtle dove)
  • Lowland fens (willow tit)
  • Lowland heathland (turtle dove,)
  • Lowland meadows (lapwing)
  • Reedbed
  • Traditional orchards
  • Ancient and native woodland (woodland priority species, bats)
  • Riparian habitats associated with priority rivers and lakes (EPS including otters, water vole)
  • Arable field margins (small flowered catchfly, broad fruited corn salad, turtle dove.)

The water priorities are as follows:

  • Reduce sediment input into the River Glaven. Reduce nitrate input to the groundwater drinking source from Glandford.
  • Continue river restoration works to River Glaven channel and backwaters.Multiple environmental benefits:
  • Buffer strips sediment traps and riparian management strips and hedgerow restoration.
  • Enhancing existing woodlands and expanding woodland cover in the north of the group area.