Name: Waveney, Water & Woodlands

Contact: Emily Winter

Members: 19

Area: 5000 ha

Water Quality Priorities

Reducing nitrate, phosphate and pesticides in the River Waveney catchment, including in surface water drinking sources from the River Waveney

Reducing the effects of phosphate, nitrate and sediment on sites designated for their habitats adjacent the River Waveney

Controlling the source and movement of nutrients from fertilisers, manures and organic materials, sediment from soil erosion and run-off, pesticides from their use and disposal

Employing buffer strips, sediment traps and riparian strips

Employing minimum tillage and direct drilling techniques to benefit water quality

Ancient and Native Woodland

Increasing the areas under positive management

Protecting, buffering and reconnecting woodlands

Strengthening the nationally significant woodland bird assemblage

There are significant synergies between the water quality priorities and targeted new woodland planting. These can be fulfilled by planting to reduce and intercept diffuse pollution from agriculture, and planting to increase infiltration of heavy rain, reduce erosion or slow the flow of floodwater.