The limestone hills of Morecambe Bay support a mosaic of priority woodland, limestone grassland and limestone pavement habitats.

It is amongst the most important landscapes in Britain for threatened butterflies and moths and is the national stronghold for High Brown Fritillary and a regional stronghold for Pearlbordered Fritillary, Duke of Burgundy and White-spotted Sable moth.

These habitats also support threatened birds (e.g. Marsh Tit, Hawfinch) and plants (e.g. Lesser Butterfly orchid, Lady’s-slipper Orchid).

The aim for woodlands would be to extend appropriate and best practice management, especially with a view to restoring, maintaining and connecting open space habitat, which would benefit threatened butterflies and birds.

Knowledge and skill sharing across group members will restore priority habitats and species and also landscape features such as hedgerows, stone walls and in field trees especially in wood pasture systems.