Ref: CSFF020011

Lead: Ian Wrigley,

Group members: 15

Length of agreement: 3

Area of group (Hectares): 1980

The Bowness on Solway Peninsula is a highly designated landscape including: 3 SSSI lowland raised bogs with their breeding bird assemblages (which make up ¾ of the South Solway Mosses SAC and NNR), the Upper Solway Flats and Marshes SSSI and Solway Firth MCZ, the Solway Coast AONB and Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site. CS priorities to maintain and restore the following habitats can all be delivered:

Lowland raised bogs, purple moor grass and rush pasture, coastal saltmarsh, coastal and floodplain grazing marsh, saline lagoons, ancient and native woodland, and arable field margins.

As well as habitat creation, to extend and link priority habitat, increase connectivity and reduce fragmentation for:

  • Declining species marsh fritillary butterfly, willow tit, natterjack toad
  • Breeding waders, lapwing, redshank and curlew
  • Increased opportunities for farmland birds and pollinators through arable options
  • Land management to address water and soli quality issues through CSF