Ref: CSFF040008

Lead: Sarah Robinson,

Group members: 21

Length of agreement: 3

Area of group (Hectares): 3093

Our group priorities are

• Management of upland calcareous grassland – manage stock levels, inputs and timing of grazing to improve species diversity, carry out sensitive scrub management to ensure grassland interest is maintained whilst retaining some scrub as cover and as song posts

• Management and restoration of upland and lowland meadow – using techniques developed in the AONB members will restore species diversity and re-introduce traditional meadow management. This has synergy with water quality, wading birds and wild pollinator objectives

• Management of ancient and semi natural woodland including stock-proofing, removal of invasive species and increasing diversity to support woodland flora and birds

In addition members will:

• restore and manage native woodland by enclosing clough woodlands, removing invasive species, and creating woodland extensions and linkages

• Improve natural flood risk management, particularly via woodland and hedgerow restoration and creation, also installation of leaky dams, woody debris and exclusion of stock

Members will encourage and support:

• Wading bird habitat by altering the management of wet grasslands – synergy with meadow restoration, upland restoration and natural flood risk management

• Wild pollinators and farm wildlife via package options such as sowing pollinator patches, increasing species diversity in grasslands,

• Restoration of hedgerows and dry stone walls across members landholdings to improve ecological networks, reduce flood risk and improve landscape character.