Ref: CSFF040012

Lead: Tom Myerscough,

Group members: 13

Length of agreement: 3

Area of group (Hectares): 4364

The members of the group will aim to deliver a suite of Countryside Stewardship priorities across the land which is held by the members. The group will work with partners that have expertise in relevant fields to ensure that delivery follows best practice. Guidance from WRT will focus upon the water environment and catchment management with particular reference to faecal matter, sediment, pesticides and nutrients entering watercourses. Our partners will provide guidance on blanket bog, upland heathland and upland hay meadow restoration, forestry options and habitat creation for terrestrial species. We will also ensure that members have access to training and evidence about safeguarding zones, climate change resilience and natural capital.

Whilst covering each of the priorities as outlined above we will highlight the synergies between them and educate the members on how the creation or restoration of these habitats will contribute significantly to improvements in water quality, air quality and FCRM. The creation of these habitats will also support priority species such as black grouse, lapwing, breeding waders and woodland birds. We will also work to address flood and coastal risk issues, although not identified as a priority in the statement it is clear that the flooding which was sustained by populations within the Wyre catchment in 2015 and 2016 would make it a priority so we will seek to reduce the amount and rate at which surface water run off enters watercourses, reduce the erosion of soil and slow the movement of floodwaters on upland floodplains.