Ref: CSFF030007

Lead: Briony Davey,

Group members: 23

Length of agreement: 3

Area of group (Hectares): 4950


The Lune Catchment Flood Management Plan (2009) states that 49 properties within Sedbergh are at risk from flooding by the Rawthey and this is expected to increase. The approach is to look at slowing the flow; this group would be supporting this work.

Within the group area there are 3 SSSIs, partly managed by the group farmers. This includes Deepdale Meadows and Ecker Secker Beck SSSI , one of only four remaining examples of the south Cumbria northern hay meadow plant community and a key salmon spawning stretch of the Rawthey. The group would look at ways to ensure the SSSIs are in or working towards good condition.

As a group we will explore which CS priorities can be delivered on each farm with a focus on looking at opportunities to reduce the amount and rate of flow of surface water run-off but also improving water quality, air quality and climate change resilience.

The group will look at maintenance/restoration/creation of:

  • Upland hay meadows
  • Upland heath, blanket bog, flushes and fens
  • Wood pasture and scrub
  • Ancient and native woodland
  • Riparian habitat

There will be an emphasis on land management/capital works to
help support priority species including:

  • Black grouse
  • Red squirrel
  • Woodland birds

The priorities can be achieved by looking at opportunities for multibenefit options under CS, for example low input options will benefit plant species as well as the historic environment and could reduce risk of compaction meaning improved water storage to help slow the flow.

The facilitator will ensure that correct consultation procedures are followed to ensure all works are appropriate. All works/options will also support the objectives of the Lune Rivers Trust and YDNPA.