Ref: CSFF030006

Lead: Adrian Shepherd,

Group members: 17

Length of agreement: 3

Area of group (hectares): 4009


To deliver water quality and flood and coastal risk management
with other benefits.


Maintenance, restoration and creation of priority habitats and support priority species that depend on these habitats. These include blanket bog, upland heath, upland flushes, fens & swamps, ancient and native woodland, upland calcareous grassland, upland hay meadow, lowland fens, lowland meadows, lowland raised bog, purple moor grass & rush pastures, floodplain grazing marsh & riparian habitat associated with priority rivers and lakes. Breeding wader assemblage parts of this area are targeted for their variety of breeding waders being nationally significant where one or more of the following species occur: lapwing, redshank, curlew & snipe. Restore and maintain the River Ribble Long Preston Deeps SSSI

Water Quality:

phosphates & sediment in the Middle Ribble – Settle to Calder catchments

Flood and Coastal Risk Management:

In the priority areas of Long Preston Deeps & Settle to Bolton-by-Bowland – Rathmell Beck, Wigglesworth Beck reduce the amount and rate of surface water run-off, reduce soil erosion & slow the movement of floodwaters on floodplains.

Historic Environment:

Maintain and restore historic water management systems, such as the Back Cut in the Long Preston Ings area.


Flood risk-planting designed to increase infiltration of heavy rain into the ground, reduce erosion, or slow the flow of floodwaters on floodplains


Maintain & restore priorities, which are hedgerows, stone walls, hedgerow trees & permanent grassland.