Ref: CSFF030011

Lead: Carol Moffat, 

Group members: 17

Length of agreement: 3

Area of group (Hectares): 4009

The overall priority for this facilitated group is Natural Flood Management and how this might reduce the amount and rate of surface water run-off in the Swale catchment.

The group will look at piloting Natural Flood Management techniques on their farms and the knowledge transfer events will also help further the understanding of other farmers in the area about the hydrology of the catchment, the different techniques of NFM and how these might help “Slow the Flow”.

As part of implementing Natural Flood Management measures, members of the group will also look to improve the management of priority habitats and species particularly in relation to improving water quality and biodiversity.

Priority habitats include:

  • upland heath, blanket bog, flushes and fens
  • ancient and native woodland
  • purple moor grass and rush pastures
  • traditional hay meadows
  • riparian habitat

Priority species include:

  • black grouse
  • red squirrel
  • nativecrayfish
  • river lamprey
  • Atlantic salmon
  • dormice
  • woodland birds
  • breeding waders

As an example, Natural Flood Management may include the planting of woodland in strategic parts of the catchment, river bank restoration and riparian buffer strips, restoration of hedgerows and restoration of peat bogs. As well as slowing the flow all these measures will also help meet targets for restoring priority habitats and helping priority species.