Ref: CSFF010006

Lead: Jennifer Shaw,

Group members: 16

Length of agreement: 3

Area of group (Heactares): 12602

• Managing moorlands to restore the ecology of blanket bog, wet heath and upland mire habitats whilst slowing the flow and benefiting natural flood management.
• Enhance existing woodlands and expand woodland cover in locations to benefit flood risk as well as landscape, biodiversity and water quality.
• Options that reduce the amount and rate of surface water runoff, reduce soil erosion, slow the movement of flood waters on floodplains.

Due to the range of farms that are part of this application and the vast area that they cover there will be a strategic approach to Countryside Stewardship in the coming years.

This will be in terms of the application quality as well as upskilling
land managers for a sustainable future. The project area will also encourage land management to improve water quality in the SSSI river Coquet and other high quality water courses in the area, therefore contributing to WFD