Ref: CSFF030008

Lead: Tarja Wilson,

Group members: 29

Length of agreement: 3

Area of group (Hectares): 7853

Priorities: natural flood management in the River Ure catchment.

The members will look to deliver the creation, restoration and management of the below top priority habitats, with an emphasis to significantly improve water quality, air quality and natural flood management:

  • upland heath, blanket bog, flushes and fens
  • ancient and native woodland
  • purple moor grass and rush pastures
  • traditional hay meadows
  • riparian habitat

In addition to the above habitat works there will be an emphasis on land management and capital works for priority species, namely: black grouse; red squirrel; native crayfish; river lamprey; Atlantic salmon; dormice; woodland birds ; breeding waders.

They will consider options and capital works to improve water quality through reduction of phosphate and sediment in the upper and middle Ure catchments and Semer Water SSSI. The members work will dovetail with the ‘Yorkshire Dales Catchment Partnership’ to help deliver their aims and objectives.

They will also consider works to reduce the amount and rate of flow of surface water run-off and slow the movement of water when the rivers flood in particular through:- maintenance and restoration or hedgerows and drystone walls; -Woodland planting; -River bank restoration, instream structures and large woody debris.

Before any land management or capital works are carried out care will be taken to consider any potential impact on the historic environment and landscape and also whether there are opportunities for enhancement or protection from threats.