• Lead: Will Henderson
  • Group: 6+ farms
  • Area: 5,000+ ha

Focus: The Cluster is developing its conservation plan, concentrating on restoring and preserving the existing population of Grey Partridges, which used to be a common sight in the Strathmore valley.

Established in the Spring of 2019, the Cluster has chosen to focus on Grey Partridges because recovery of this species will provide a good barometer for broader work with wildlife. If Cluster members get it right for Partridges, the right habitat mixtures and conditions should create benefits for other species too, including Yellowhammer and other small farmland birds, as well as for insect pollinators and the Brown Hare.

Where feasible, the Cluster aims to co-ordinate its work with existing and future Agri-Environment Climate schemes open to Scottish Farmers.