Ref: CSFF100002

Lead: Wylie Horn,

Group members: 15

Length of agreement: 5 (ended July 2020)

Area of group (Hectares): 2,400

The group’s collective landholding falls primarily within the Upper Thames Clay Vales National Character Area (NCA 108), although also partly overlaps the Midvale Ridge (NCA 109).

Group members have identified CS priorities they will be delivering: Helping to maintain, restore and create the following priority habitats – floodplain grazing marsh and species-rich meadows.

Managing habitats for lapwings (a priority species) and curlew by managing habitats for breeding waders.

The group will also deliver for wild pollinators and farm wildlife by managing nectar flower mixes, wildflowers in grass, sowing winter bird food mixes and managing hedgerows and other key farm habitats (like ponds and ditches).

Group members will also deliver top priorities for water by adopting flood risk strategies that reduce the amount and rate of surface water run-off, reduce soil erosion, and slow the movement of floodwaters on floodplains. In addition to this, group members will help to deliver top priorities for the historic environment by sharing knowledge on how best to protect archaeological features.