Ref: CSFF130006

Lead: Richard Grogan,

Group members: 10

Length of agreement: 3

Area of group (Hectares): 1863

The habitats to be maintained or created will be characteristically the river and its floodplain and habitats and will include : lowland fens, floodplain grazing marsh, reed beds, ancient and native woodland, riparian habitats associated with priority rivers (Upper eastern Yar and Wroxall stream), lowland calcareous grassland and arable field margins.

The floodplain of the river Yar and its hinterland includes one SSSI Alverstone Marshes – and twelve SINCs incorporating the priority habitats described above. The area incorporates four sites managed as nature reserves by NGOs including the Wildlife Trust

Priority species include farmland birds including turtle dove, skylark and yellowhammer and wetland species including lapwing and kingfisher. Water vole, Brown trout and European eel will be target species in the watercourses and in the wider landscape, field cricket, nightingale, barn owl and early gentian with mammals such as red squirrel, Bechstein bat, common dormouse, hedgehog and brow.