The UAFG are a group of 37 farmers in the Upper Western part of the River Adur catchment in the Low Weald of West Sussex; with a wide range of farming systems and sizes including dairies, arable, beef, mixed farms and extensive nature conservation – we have a wide range of knowledge bases and targets. Together though our primary aims are restoring health to our soils through better understanding of regenerative agricultural principles, learning about natural flood management and increasing connectivity across the catchment for our wildlife. With strong populations of Nightingales and Turtle Doves’ we will do all we can to help protect the under-protected Low Weald. We will focus on better understanding the public goods that our farms can deliver, a robust post Brexit farming system with climate change resilience and mitigation.

Whilst our targets are broader and focus on healthy soils, climate and flooding we will also focus on the below priority species and habitats.

Priority habitats: Riparian habitats, wood pasture, water meadows, field margins and scrubland.

Priority species: Nightingale, Turtle Dove, Purple Emperor and Brown Hairstreak butterflies.

Facilitator: Ivan de Klee