-Length of agreement: 3 years

-Facilitator: Rory Harding rory.harding@kentwildlife.org.uk

Area of the group: 9,768 hectares

Upcoming events:

19th February 2020, we are holding our second Upper Beult Farmer Cluster meeting. If you farm around the river Beult, near Ashford, then please join do join us.

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/2nd-upper-beult-farmer-cluster-meeting-topic-healthy-soils-and-wildlife-tickets-90940999979


Kent, the garden of England, has always relied on a steady and healthy water supply for both the people and wildlife that live and work here. Farmers, Kent Wildlife Trust and Southern Water, are now looking to secure this important resource in the river Beult catchment by working together through the farmer cluster. By working collectively farmers, land managers and other experts will be able to have a much larger and more positive impact on this area of Kent’s countryside. The Cluster is looking to foster farmer lead workshops, farm walks and peer support for innovative ways of reducing pesticide run off and improving yields. This could be through regenerative farming, integrated pest management and habitat creation. We also hope to offer the opportunity for monitoring and recording of farmland wildlife across the cluster.

Other benefits

  • Better access to grants and stewardship schemes
  • Join other farmers to discuss local issues and challenges, and share best practice
  • Free training events and workshops on topics chosen by the cluster
  • Protecting and monitoring the Upper Beult river area and its precious wildlife