Ref: CSFF070015

Lead: Sarah Wells,

Group members: 18

Length of agreement: 3

Area of group (Hectares): 2560

The facilitator will help farms deliver options worked up collaboratively at a landscape scale, to deliver the priorities of the Severn and Avon Vales National Character Area 106. This will include Biodiversity, Priority Habitats and Species Protection; improvements to Water Quality and reducing Flood Risk; Woodland Restoration; Riparian Management; Boundary restoration and Soil Management.

The Group aims to link the land between Slimbridge and Walmore Common, including maintaining and extending the provision of ‘Functionally Linked Land’ and land to support the breeding success of curlews and survival of European eel.

We will work with farmers around Upper Severn SSSI, Walmore Common SSSI and Frampton Pools SSSI to develop sustainable land management practices which will benefit the long term protection of Ramsar sites and internationally important populations of wintering wetland birds.

The project will address wintering sites on the Estuary and breeding sites in the Vale around Coombe Hill focussing on land management which will support populations of Eurasian curlew, common crane and European eel.

There will be a focus on water protection, soil structure, organic matter, and water and reducing point source and diffuse water pollution from agriculture. Improving soil management can benefit bird species that feed on soil invertebrates and increase soil infiltration to reduce flood risk.

The group will support delivery in the Catchment Sensitive Farming priority area by identifying measures to reduce surface pesticides and concentration of phosphates. The Group will work with farmers and partners to address issues identified in the Walmore Diffuse Water Pollution Plan.