Ref: CSFF110003

Lead: Jemma Batten,

Group members: 28

Length of agreement: 5

Area of group (Hectares): 9250

From the CS statement of priorities for Berkshire and Marlborough Downs, we will deliver the following.

Priority habitats, including SSSIs: Lowland calcareous grassland, Lowland meadows, Ancient and native woodland, Riparian habitats associated with priority rivers. Arable field margins. Priority species (known to be present in the area): Corn bunting, Lapwing, Stone curlew, Turtle dove, Willow tit, Shepherd’s needle. Arable plant assemblage. Wild Pollinator and Farm Wildlife Package.

Water quality: River Kennet and floodplain, Groundwater around Ogbourne St George.

Flood management: Og catchment upstream of Marlborough.

Historic environment: Avebury World Heritage Site, Scheduled Monuments, SHINE sites.

Woodland management: Priority woodland habitat, Landscape: Hedgerows, In-field trees, Field margins and buffers, Permanent pasture, Bankside trees. Enhancing existing woodlands and expanding woodland cover in suitable locations.

Among “multiple benefit” actions, we will deliver: Creating new areas of low-input herb-rich grassland around the Avebury World Heritage Site and along the length of the Ridgeway.

Creating non-cultivated areas such as buffer strips, swales, sediment traps, beetle banks, flower rich field margins and areas of winter cover crops on cultivated, steep slopes within the upper catchments of the Og.