Ref: CSFF110012

Lead: Ben Thorne,

Group members: 9

Length of agreement: 3

Area of group (Hectares): 3428

Habitats: Heathland management – this area is designated SSSI, events will support private landowners and commoners in coordinating and sharing management work and experience.

Traditional orchards – improving the condition and promoting the planting of new traditional orchards.

Ancient and native woodland management – members will look to bring small farm woodlands back into management and improve their habitat value. Members will also look at opportunities for increasing woodland planting and management of young woodlands.

Wood pasture and parkland – there are several large parkland estates surrounding the Quantock Hills, preserving the veteran trees and historic landscape value will form part of the delivery.

Species: Woodland bird assemblage is a local priority and has close synergies with the woodland priorities above.

Lesser and greater horseshoe bats are a high priority and linked to the grassland habitats and historic landscape through traditional buildings. Traditional hedge management will also be a target for delivery.

On arable holdings surrounding the hills delivery will also target pollinator habitats.

The southern area is a target for water quality and delivery will work with CSF and Hills to Levels. Flood risk management will be targeted for delivery by members with close synergies to woodland and grassland management.

Landscape is an important target with close synergies to the priorities above particularly hedgerows, trees, banks and permanent grassland.

The historic environment will be targeted to deliver active management of SM and RPG, linked to the habitats above. Traditional buildings which have significant landscape, historic and habitat value will be targeted for active management.