Ref: CSFF120001

Lead: Roger English,

Group members: 86

Length of agreement: 5

Area of group (Hectares): 4700

Maintenance of priority habitats: dry acid and neutral grasslands, traditional orchards, flood plain grazing marsh, lowland heathland, ancient and native woodland riparian habitats associated with priority rivers, arable field margins.

Priority habitats to be restored: combination of grasslands and woodlands associated with the river valleys, lowland heath, flood plain grazing marsh, ancient and native woodland, riparian habitats associated with priority rivers.

Priority habitat creation to increase connectivity and reduce fragmentation that will also contribute significantly to improvements in Water quality, restoration or maintenance of SSSIs: – Andrews’ Wood and High Marks Barn, priority species: – cirl bunting, willow tit, pearl-bordered fritillary, grey long-eared bat, greater horseshoe bat, lesser horseshoe bat, woodland bird assemblage, Arable plant assemblage.

Wild Pollinator and Farm Wildlife Package

Water Quality – options and capital works to address: phosphate, nitrate and sediment in the Avon. Controlling the source or movement of potential pollutants: nutrients from fertilisers and manures, sediment from soil erosion and run-off faecal bacteria from both manures and livestock.

Active management of top priority historic environment features

Bringing woodland into management: protected woodland, priority woodland habitat, woodland priority species, PAWS (planted ancient woodland sites) restoration. Limited new woodland planting to: buffer and link existing woodland, increase infiltration of heavy rain, reduce erosion or slow down floodwaters.

Landscape: – hedgerows, – hedgerow trees, – earth banks, – arable margins, – winter stubbles.

Multiple environmental benefits: – establishing new wetland habitat to improve water quality, reducing run-off rates, protecting historic features, enhancing biodiversity and landscape character.

The group also manages a further 1400ha outside of the facilitation area.