Ref: CSFF120002

Lead: Jasmin Urwick,

Group members: 80

Length of agreement: 5

Area of group (Hectares): 2235

Overlying the Culm Measures, the Headwaters of the River Torridge supports a dynamic yet challenging landscape. With support from partners, landowners will be encouraged to take an integrated approach to management across their whole farm, working together sharing skills and knowledge to develop a better understanding of the significance of their local landscape for:

Biodiversity – Maintain, restore & create priority habitats: purple moor grass & rush pasture (Culm grassland), neutral hay meadows, ancient & native woodlands and riparian habitats to strengthen populations of key species such as marsh fritillary & willow tit. Improve connectivity to reduce fragmentation.

Water – Improve water quality – demonstrate good environmental practice preventing nitrate, phosphate, sediment & faecal bacteria from entering watercourses. Reduce flood risk through creation/restoration of Culm grassland & woodland to hold/slow water, and manage land next to watercourses.

Historic environment – Ensure Scheduled Monuments and key historic features are identified and sensitively managed.

Woodland management – Encourage management of priority woodland sites, restore PAWs and new woodland planting in appropriate areas for multiple benefits.

Landscape – Promote sympathetic hedgerow/earthbank management, including restoration and new planting to provide corridors between habitats.

Climate change – Build up resilience through enhancement of ecological networks, in particular, articulate the carbon sequestration value of Culm grassland & woodland.