Ref: CSFF120010

Lead: Giles Rickard, Layla Ousley, Cath Jeffs,,

Group members: 14

Length of agreement: 3

Area of group (Hectares): 3132

The Fal and Roseland Farmers Group will aim to deliver CS theme workshops and advice that are tailored for multiple farmer sector themes e.g. arable, dairy, beef etc. This will hopefully encourage new members to join, and ensure that the current members remain in the group and continue to be interested by attending the workshops that are relevant to them.
There are multiple ‘high’ priority habitats & protected sites within the Fal Valley project area including:

  • Priority & Restoration River Habitat
  • Priority woodland habitat & management – Maintaining, enhancing, restoring & extending ancient and native woodlands
  • Section 41 species – Priority species focus will include: cirl bunting, chough & cornflower
  • Flood risk management priorities
  • Maintaining, enhancing maritime cliff and slope and extending lowland meadows
  • Maintaining arable field margins and traditional orchards
  • Maintaining and restoring SSSI and estuary SAC & SPA
  • Wild pollinator and farm wildlife package.

Along with ‘medium’ priorities for water quality including phosphate and FIO’s.

As the fund is for facilitation, priorities in this framework shall be decided by the group forming a truly bottom up approach. However, there would be a number of cross cutting themes which have multiple positive outcomes such as improved soil management, to improve river habitats, reduce flood risk through NFM (via improved soil infiltration) or water quality improvements. This is also crucial to the individual farm business and fits within the theme of improving Natural Capital , catchment resilience and the Cornwall Environmental Growth Strategy.