Lead: Helen Pengelly – h.pengelly@canopylanduse.co.uk

Website: https://www.wylyevalleyfarmers.org/

Group members: 19

Area of group (Hectares): 8068

Group Priorities

  • Resource protection – reducing levels of nitrate, phosphate and sediment run-off reaching the River Wylye and the groundwater (drinking water) resource.
  • Flood alleviation – slowing the movement of floodwaters within the floodplain
  • Priority habitats – looking after and enhancing the management of calcareous grassland, floodplain meadows, ancient woodland, fen, riparian habitats and arable field margins; maintaining current habitats in good condition, restoring habitats in sub-optimal condition, extending and linking habitats to increase connectivity for wildlife.
  • Farm wildlife – increasing numbers of declining farmland species such as grey partridge, stone curlew and other ground nesters, barn owl, brown hare, hedgehog, water vole, otter, kingfishers.
  • Wild pollinators – providing year round resources for bees, butterflies etc including flower rich habitats producing pollen and nectar.
  • Archaeology – active management that ensures the long term survival of historic features. Protecting archaeological sites from damage through arable cultivations or scrub/tree growth.
  • Education – engaging with local schools and community groups through events such as Open Farm Sunday to demonstrate the importance of farming in the rural economy and its role in delivering a wealth of public benefits.