Lead: Matt Goodall, mgoodall@gwct.org.uk

Group members: 18

Length of agreement: 3 years

Area of group 810 ha

  • Improving biodiversity: Enhancement will be achieved through better joined up landscape scale farmer led collaborative action taken by those that live and work in the area. Based on scientific evidence landowners, farmers, communities and key stakeholders will act towards the restoration of traditional lowland wet grassland habitat to deliver a healthy, resilient and diverse ecosystem. This will directly benefit locally, nationally and globally threatened species such as the Eurasian Curlew. Taking a placed base approach where the Camlad Valley community – who are best placed to shape and understand local priorities – will act to conserve their much loved diminishing local population of ground nesting birds using these species as key indicators to provide a measure of the general health of the ecosystem as a whole.
  • Enhanced management: Emphasis will be placed on improving soil health, fertility and water resource management. Increase resilience and productive capacity of farm businesses.   Maintain and enhance floodplains and hydrological systems.    Encourage greater integration of business and community interest and land managing and other interests. Provide opportunities for hands-on involvement with the project from the non-land managing community.  This will deliver health and well-being benefits and educational work will secure ongoing support for environmental benefits in the longer term
  • Engagement, educational work and training will secure ongoing support for environmental benefits in the longer term