Ref: CSFF070010

Lead: Kate,

Group members: 15

Length of agreement: 5

Area of group (Hectares): 1479

  • Water Quality is a priority in the Herefordshire Lowlands, of particular importance are the higher than normal quantities of phosphate, sediment and nitrate in the Lugg and Arrow catchments which are contributing to the failure of the Habitats Directive objectives. The objectives of the Go Wild in the Curl group aligns perfectly with reducing the negative impact from the following: – nutrients from fertilisers, manures and organic materials – sediment from soil erosion and run-off – pesticides from their use and disposal
  • Achieving the above will also improve condition of the downstream River Lugg & River Wye SSSI’s & SAC’s, another priority within the Herefordshire Lowlands.
  • The members will also aim to improve biodiversity through enhancing conditions of habitat for species: – Enhanced management of arable buffers for bird and pollinators, this can be done in combination with intercepting runoff from high risk fields – Improve connectivity between existing habitats, woodlands & meadows – Improve habitat for farmland wildlife and birds including winter food & nesting sites – Assess population of native crayfish and eradicate signals if possible – Assess extent of Himalayan balsam and co-ordinate a joint approach to eradicating it throughout the catchment
  • Multiple Environment Benefits: The objectives of this application have significant synergies between them &the ability to deliver multiple environmental benefits including; reducing run off rates, increased water storage to benefit biodiversity, improved water quality, enhanced wildlife habitat, healthy soils as well as profitable and sustainable farming.