Ref: CSFF030012

Lead: Fraser Hugill,

Group members: 52

Length of agreement: 3

Area of group (Hectares): 10,514

The group have assessed the range of CS priorities for the North York Moors and Cleveland Hills NCA25 and narrowed these down to those relevant to the Esk Valley

  • Protected aquatic species and associated riparian habitats Fresh Water Pearl Mussels (FWPM) and migratory fish Sediment is a major factor in the lack of juvenile FWPM & migratory fish recruitment, the aim is to help build and expand the scope of the local Pearl Mussel and Salmon Recovery Project as well as CSF in the area.
  • Water (sediment but also nitrate, phosphate & carbon) – Polarisation of farm systems with some getting more intense potentially concentrating issues. Group working may help this imbalance.
  • SSSI/SAC/SPA habitats primarily heather moorland, most is in HLS Agreements begin to expire in 2019.
  • Breeding wader assemblages -Some important populations opportunities to address poor CS uptake on inbye.
  • Landscape (Walls, hedges, trees and traditional buildings) Iconic National Park landscape, discconect between mainteinence costs and reward for public goods and addressing potential deterioration post ES.
  • Priority habitats (non SSSI) such as meadows and aincient woodland. Polarisation as mentioned in 2 creates opportunities for expansion of habitats and to address poor CS uptake.