Episode 12
‘The coming together’

Thursday 6th August 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Over the last three months we have been exploring all the different individual elements needed to transform the future of land management.

In this final episode we will be discussing how we can create a common vision, by providing a summary of how the component parts that have been presented so far fit together as part of an integrated whole.

This will include a soap box session with all the speakers:

followed by a panel discussion. To join this grand finale register here!

Join the ‘collective brain’ on Slack!

We see a future where what started as a group of people interested in learning more about natural capital and land management becomes first a network and then a ‘collective brain’ for the sector. A brain which can test, shape and improve existing and emerging thinking and can generate, share and promote new ideas.

To make this happen we need to connect those who are interested and excited by this prospect. Therefore we invite you to join an online community in slack.com. Here you will be able to help shape the future of the sector by connecting with others, sharing ideas and joining discussions on themes that inspire you.

Join here!

The Coming Together: final episode of the Land Management 2.0 webinar series

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